HACC Presents Red Ribbon Awards to Community Leaders

October 30, 2019

 Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Cassulis, HACC Program Coordinator; Bill Dowsland, HCS Superintendent;

Sgt. Matt Janczuk; OFC. Michael Mordus, Jr.


In celebration of Red Ribbon Week 2019, HACC presented five outstanding community leaders with Red Ribbon Awards for their work in protecting and supporting safe, healthy, drug-free kids. 


Kyle Sylvester

Director of Operations and CSO of SOMAC, Southern Madison Ambulance Corps


As a NY State licensed EMT, Kyle Sylvester is the Director of Operations and CSO of SOMAC, the Southern Madison Ambulance Corps.  Kyle oversees our local ambulance services, and under his leadership, we’ve added vehicles to our fleet of ambulances, added state-of-the-art equipment, and updated emergency procedures to better serve the Hamilton community.  Kyle is on the front lines fighting the effects of drug and alcohol use, saving the lives of people who have misused alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, vaping, or a combination of these drugs.  He regularly sees the devastation and damage that use of these substances can do, and it is what drives him to promote and protect drug free kids. 


In addition to his demanding duties with the ambulance corps, Kyle is one of the longest serving members of the Hamilton Coalition.  Through the years, he has proved his selfless commitment to safe, healthy, drug free kids, and to a safe and drug free community.  And for this service, and for his life-saving work with SOMAC, on behalf of all HCS students, the Hamilton Coalition, and our entire Hamilton Community, we’re proud to present him with this Red Ribbon Award.



David Little

Student Coordinator, SOMAC, Southern Madison Ambulance Corps

HACC Finance Committee Member


David is a Colgate student, an emergency responder at SOMAC ambulance, and active member of the Hamilton Coalition, serving on the finance leadership committee.  David has been involved with many HCS school projects behind the scenes, such as the Back to School Bashes, Pumpkin Walks, Red Ribbon Weeks and more.  David is an example of how to do your college years right – he gives back tirelessly while also a full time student at Colgate.  For all of his work on behalf of safe, healthy, drug free kids, and the entire HCS community, we’re honored to present this Red Ribbon Award



Officer Michael Mordus, Jr.

Hamilton Police Department


Officer Mike Modus is a member of the Hamilton Police Department, and longtime member of the Hamilton Coalition.  Officer Mordus often works through the night to protect our community. Night time in Hamilton is much different than how it looks during the day, but Officer Mordus is committed to maintaining safety for everyone.  In addition to his police duties, he takes every chance he can to support safety for kids, and positive life choices.


In his work with the Hamilton Coalition, Officer Mordus is involved in planning most of the prevention activities we do here at school.  He is always the first to volunteer for duty during school events, such as the Back to School Bash, the Pumpkin Walk, Red Ribbon Week and more!  For his work in protecting our community, and for his commitment to protecting and encouraging safe, healthy, drug-free kids, we are proud to present this Red Ribbon Award to Officer Mike Mordus.



Bill Dowsland

Hamilton Central School Superintendent


No award recognition would be complete without including our single biggest champion in promoting safe, healthy, & drug-free kids, Mr. Bill Dowsland.  Without the visionary leadership of Mr. Dowsland, all of our success would not be possible.  And when I say success, that success is not measured in how much publicity we get as adults, or how many people clap for us…that success is measured in all of you.  YOU are our success.  Your health, your safety, and your happiness is the goal of everyone we’ve honored this week with these awards. 


But all of the caring in the world can’t be effective without someone to open the door and lead it.  Mr. Dowsland is that doorkeeper, and the one who makes all of this possible.  Whether it’s been welcome back to school events, the Back to School Bash, Red Ribbon Week, the Youth Summit in this spring with Rep Brindisi, other awareness weeks we’ve done, and the lunchtime activities we’ve done together, ALL of that is possible because Mr. Dowsland’s incredible trust and support.  Both as principal and now as Superintendent.


Mr. Dowsland, although this award is too small a way to thank you for all you’ve made possible, and for ALL your support of safe, healthy, & drug-free kids, we present it with gratitude.  Thank you.



Sgt. Matt Janczuk

Hamilton Police Department

2019 New York State Juvenile Officer of the Year


We have the GREAT honor of unveiling a secret we’ve been dying to announce – our Hamilton Police Sgt Matt Janczuk was recently awarded New York State Juvenile Officer of the Year – a huge honor from NY state.  Sgt. Janczuk is a certified Juvenile officer, one of only a few here in Madison County.  He received this award for all the work he has done in our community and at HCS in support of Safe, Healthy, Drug Free kids. 


Whether it has been organizing community events, advocating for a safer community, or fun activities with his championship race car, Sgt. Janczuk goes way above and beyond to help create a safe environment for all of you to grow up in.  And it’s for this, as well as to honor him for his NY State Juvenile Officer of the Year Award, that we present this Red Ribbon Award today.


 Pictured: (L-R) SOMAC EMT's: Kyle Sylvester, Kerry Rice, and Caitlyn Smith addressing HCS Students


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HACC Presents Red Ribbon Awards to Community Leaders

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