Safe Pill Collection Event - Nov 21


  The Hamilton Area Community Coalition in collaboration with the Hamilton Police Department will host a Safe Pill Collection Event on November 21st from 3-7pm at the Hamilton Public Library, in the back lobby.


  Safely disposing of unneeded medication is important for many different reasons. First, prescription drug abuse is the second most common form of drug abuse after marijuana, with over 5 million teenagers abusing prescription drugs in the last year alone, most of which are old medicine they find in cabinets at home or in a family or friends house. Nationally, there are also over 165 young children that are brought to the emergency room daily due to accidental poisoning from old prescription medicine. That is over 60,000 kids a year. Pets are also at risk of accidental ingestion, where results are more likely to be fatal. In addition to that, improperly disposing of such medicine, by flushing them down the drain or throwing them in the garbage leads to contamination of our groundwater, rivers, and lakes. The health consequence that result from ingesting contaminated water are still unknown, both for humans and for animals.


  Safely disposing of medications is a way to reduce these different problems. You can bring your unused or unwanted medication to the collection event to dispose of them in a safe and healthy way and receive a free gift!   If possible, use the original container that the pills came in, but make sure to cross off your name to protect your identity. The name of the medication should be kept clearly visible. Helping senior family members with collecting their unneeded meds for disposal is highly encouraged. You can also dispose of unneeded pet medicine, along with medicated ointments, patches and vitamins.


  Coalition would like to thank Hilary Virgil and the Hamilton Public Library for hosting this event. For more information about the event, call 315-697-3947.

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